Simple & Easy Kit for files and folder permissions


Simple & Easy Kit for files and folder permissions

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This is only a simple & easy kit, written in php that allow you looking for some file in a server, only upload it to a server web and you’ll be able to read or download files in the server where you have permissions to read, for example, the /etc/passwd file in a hosting web server.

You maybe came here and you have no idea how this can be usable to you, so, I recomend you read the paper called: «1&1 and 1831 vulnerabilities» you have belong.

This simple kit include:

  • A direct script to download the /etc/passwd file.
  • A script to download anything.
  • A script allow you to exec any command.
  • A index file to list the scripts in the folder.
  • A phpinfo file.
  • A script to read any file in the server.
  • A script to read and navigate for the server paths and show folder and file permissions.
  • A dirty c0w exploit source.

You have this paper in two languajes to free download:

Espanish (Published at: January 20, 2017):

English (Published at: February 1, 2017):
Link not abaible yet.


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